Eat, Watch and Frame! Photography has always been part of my life, a passion born in the magic of my father's dark room: the home bathroom equipped for the occasion, what a great party! I was 10 years old and my first camera arrives, the Agfa matic pocket, the one that snapped shut, given me for communion, I went around over the weekend, listening to my father's precious teachings and watching the world with curiosity from the viewfinder waiting to stop the moment, but shooting very little that the films were expensive!


Even today my way of seeing the world is always the same: with curiosity I try to defeat the fleetingness of life and capture the moments before they disappear from my mind, above all I have the desire to transmit emotions hoping that they will reach those who look at mine shots.

I like to photograph life around me, the street, people or landscapes, I don't have category labels. Through my shots I simply tell myself. I travel a lot for work and I never forget one of the cameras in my bag, I always expect something that surprises me to grab, I love walking and looking at the world around me. 

All images are copyrighted and are owned by the photographer ANTONELLA DE SPUCHES who created them. Under no circumstance shall these digital files, images, be used, copied, displayed or pulled from this site without the expressed written consent of ANTONELLA DE SPUCHES.



antodes@gmail.com       ph.: +39 3401238375

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